Bishop Wiley Jackson has been preaching for over 35 years. God has equipped Bishop Jackson to teach The Bible with such simplicity that even children can understand God’s Word.

Bishop’s way of teaching and preaching leaves a permanent mark on the soul of everyone who hears him. He concentrates all his efforts in teaching God’s people how to put God’s Word in Action. Through his ministry, marriages have been saved, the sick have been healed, and people have been inspired to start their own businesses. Bishop Jackson is also a Pastor’s Pastor, and under his tutelage Pastors have been encouraged and motivated to continue fighting the fight of faith.

Though used mightily by God to accomplish these and many other achievements, Bishop Jackson yet remains a humble servant of God who walks with great integrity. Bishop Wiley Jackson, known locally, nationally and internationally, is considered one of the world’s greatest preachers, teachers, and leaders.

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Bishop Wiley Jackson and his wife and ministry partner, First Lady Mary Jackson, reside in the thriving metropolis of Atlanta. They are proud, doting parents of two wonderful sons attending college.

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